If this is your first time experiencing Canadian winter, or you need a refresher on just what you should be doing when that first snow fall hits the ground, then this post is for you! Note that snow can arrive as early as the end of October, even though the winter season officially starts in December. Therefore, it’s always better to be prepared before the snow starts, and hopefully this will help you manage your expectations about the snow.

The golden rule is to always check the temperature before you go outside. Even if you look outside the window, and it looks sunny, chances are it won’t be all that warm. Don’t let the sunshine trick you, because more often than not, the “wind chill” will make the temperature feel much colder than it looks, so checking the temperature will come in handy as it starts to cool down. You can download The Weather Network App to make it easier on yourself.

When it comes to dressing for the cold, a coat that is water and wind resistant will be necessary to keep yourself warm. It is important to have sturdy boots that are also water-resistant, paired with warm thermal socks as these will help keep your feet nice and cozy, and the boots will help you manage any chance of slipping on the ice and snow. It’s a good idea to cover your head and ears, so you might want a warm hat or beanie (also known as a toque in Canada). Mittens or gloves, and a scarf are additional cold-weather accessories that will help you stay warm and comfortable. Be sure to stop by the IESC to see examples of winter clothing, and for additional information about where to purchase these items.

If you haven’t already explored the tunnels on campus, make sure you do. There are several tunnels throughout campus for example, between the UCC and Social Science Building. This map outlines all the major tunnels on campus. These are great if you’re trying to escape the cold in between classes.

Just how cold it gets can be shocking, but there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of it and really enjoy the season. It could be something as small as trying Tim Horton’s white hot chocolate once it comes out, or maybe something bigger, like planning a trip to Boler Mountain or go ice skating at Victoria Park with some friends. Be sure to also check out winter events in London! Not to mention, the snow fall is always gorgeous, and you’re almost guaranteed a perfect Instagram post. If you’re not convinced, take a look at these posts from Western’s own Instagram!

(and please note that, yes, the geese DO stay around in the winter. They’re used to the weather).

Starting October 16, 2017, IESC will have a winter clothing display set up with handouts on shopping for Winter.

Panchami Bhat, Assistant Editor 2016-2017