This year’s U.S. presidential election has been dominating the media for several months now, all culminating to the final election on November 8th. The United States is a large country that has a global economic impact, this explains why the election has been at the forefront of international media. In case you are a little bit confused about the U.S. elections process, watch this quick explanation:

The 2016 U.S. presidential elections will last 597 days, which may seem quite long, especially when compared to the Canadian election (which lasts about 78 days). However, having such a long election serves to better inform American voters about the candidates by providing a more complete picture of the person running for president, the most powerful position in the country. It gives voters the opportunity to fully understand each candidate’s policy proposals and their qualifications to be the president.

Since the U.S. is Canada’s biggest trading partner, the results of the U.S. election will also impact the Canadian economy. Perhaps this is why a Canadian company, The Garden, started a campaign to “Tell America Its Great” to help spread some optimism amid all of the negative press that has been emerging regarding the election. People sent in videos, and tweeted out positive messages, to cheer up America, and remind Americans that even when things are tough there are still reasons why Canadians think they are great. Watch the video that started the campaign here.

Photo highlighting U.S.-Canada relations.

Be sure to tune into the coverage about this historic election (or just watch the highlights later) on November 8th. Check out this poll tracker by CBC News, or click through this link on for more information and access to articles about the election to stay informed.

Panchami Bhat, Assistant Editor 2016-2017