For this post, we asked students what their bravest moments were and if they had any tips for students in their first year. Check out their answers below!



“Being brave and talking to other exchange students at orientation. I didn’t know anyone in Canada and I was terrified to be on my own. I had no choice but to reach out and introduce myself so that I wouldn’t be alone. And I was lucky! I met 8 super awesome exchange students who become a strong support system as we adjusted to life at Western. It was really helpful because we were all experiencing the same things at the same time. And I always had someone to hang out and explore with! As an introvert it was challenging for me, but one of my proudest accomplishments.” – B

“When I stood up to a guy who was harassing a girl at Frosh Week because of her outfit.”



“Say “yes” A LOT. You don’t know anyone and you have nothing to lose. The more new experiences you expose yourself too, the better off you will be. Knowledge can never be taken away. You can always wonder what would have happened if you had said yes to that one invite…or you could go and find out!” – B

“It’s important to try new things. I didn’t like keeping my door open and talking to people on my floor at first; not because I didn’t want to be friends with them, just because I was shy and didn’t really know what to say. But as soon as I started keeping my door open, people knew that it was okay to come talk to me, and invite me to eat meals with them. So I encourage you, if you’re living on campus to keep your door open, even if it scares you. Talk to the people sitting near you in class: if you ever need a notes or a study buddy that’s the easiest way to make new friends in class. If it doesn’t go as planned, no harm done, at least you tried.” – Anonymous

“Believe in yourself! Everyone felt how you do on their first day!” – Anonymous


Being brave comes in all forms; whether you’re calling somebody out on inappropriate behaviour, or talking to somebody new in one of your classes. Ask yourself, how can I be brave, today? Try it, and see what happens, you might surprise yourself and the people around you. Maybe you’ll finally sign up for an extra-curricular activity that you’ve been wanting to try, or go to a new restaurant with friends you made in class. Even though making that first step can be hard; trying new things is what university is all about. If you find yourself feeling the opposite of brave, remind yourself that coming to university took a lot of courage.

Thank you to everyone who shared their bravest moments and tips. Feel free to add in your thoughts or moments in the comment section; who knows, maybe your comment will inspire somebody else’s brave moment!

Panchami Bhat, Assistant Editor 2016-2017