Whether you’ve been at Western for 4 years, or whether it’s your first semester, there are many little-known spots for you to explore while you’re here. Take a look at the locations below and see if there are any places that you might have to add to your checklist.

Maybe you’ve seen The McIntosh Gallery’s iconic red doors while walking around on campus, but you never walked inside the building. This gallery is a university-based public art gallery which features art exhibitions, educational programs, and other various special events. Their website lists their hours and current events, so you might want to plan a visit to this fantastic gallery during your next study break.


The John Labatt Visual Arts Centre has an ArtLab gallery with exhibitions of all kinds. An upcoming exhibition is a thesis exhibition which represents a “years-worth of development through print, paint, clay, concrete, media, performance, photography, and slime.” Check out their website for more details.


The image above is from their “Pressed for Time” exhibit. You can find all past exhibits by following this exhibition archive link.

The Don Wright Faculty of Music hosts a number of musical events, including a FREE Friday @ 12:30 pm, series, which you can find out more about here. Take a look at their events calendar for other events, like operas, ensembles, dance performances, competitions and more. The image below is of the beautiful Paul Davenport Theatre in Talbot College.


Located next to the Spencer Engineering building, the Hume Cronyn Memorial Observatory has various public events available for you to stargaze, ask questions, and use the telescopes. For a night to remember and more details about these events check out their website.


Can you think of any other hidden or little known spots on campus? Leave them in the comments below so that others can make the most of their Western experience!


Panchami Bhat, Assistant Editor 2016-2017