Bubble Tea in London

DENNY LIU Hey! Craving bubble tea? Don't know where to go? Check out one (or more) of these places the next time you're feeling bubble tea and let us know what your favorite drink is! Chatime Photo by Chatime, via Google Maps As the most well-known and popular brand on this list, you can't go … Continue reading Bubble Tea in London


Upcoming Events: Events to look forward to in June

DENNY LIU Hey! Are you staying in London this June? Maybe just visiting a friend? Make sure to stop by one or more of these vibrant events for an exciting day of fun! Off Campus These events will be taking place off campus, in the London area. Cirque Du Soleil Corteo London Ontario Time: June … Continue reading Upcoming Events: Events to look forward to in June

Canada from a Hong Kong Perspective

WU XIAO Whether it's from travelling or meeting someone from another country, we've all experienced culture shock. Differences in culture aren't always noticeable (language barriers, climate, religion, etc). I wanted to know what were some aspects exchange students found unique about living in Canada (minus the cold weather) that a domestic student wouldn't think about … Continue reading Canada from a Hong Kong Perspective

Québec: A Short History Lesson

Sharing its borders with the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland, Québec is the largest province of Canada; one that is known for its French-speaking population, beautiful landscapes, fine dining and architecture reminiscent of Europe. In addition to be being a tourist hub and brimming with culture, Québec’s history and political referendums are also … Continue reading Québec: A Short History Lesson

February is Canadian Black History Month

February is Canadian Black History Month. Although Black History Month has been around in Canada since about 1976, it was not officially recognized by the Federal government until 1995. Black history month is a big deal. Why? It is a time dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging the important contributions that black Canadians have made towards … Continue reading February is Canadian Black History Month

Indigenous Awareness Week @ Western

This upcoming week (November 20-26) is Indigenous Awareness Week. This week is brought to us by Western’s Indigenous Services, and is created to increase awareness about Indigenous people in Canada. The city of London is home to many Indigenous peoples, in addition there are three Indigenous Communities neighbouring just outside of the city. This awareness … Continue reading Indigenous Awareness Week @ Western