Things to do this 2018 Holiday Season

BETH GULILAT It's that time of the year again! With nearly 2 weeks left, there are still plenty of things to do across the city to get you into the holiday spirit. For students experiencing their first winter holiday season in Canada, you may have noticed the Starbucks holiday-inspired cups, busy shopping malls, and festive … Continue reading Things to do this 2018 Holiday Season


Taste of Home

Places to eat in London that’ll make you feel like you’re back home While Western offers a diverse selection of on-campus eateries, it can be nice to try something that reminds you of a little bit of home, or something different entirely. The city of London offers awesome places to eat, ranging from little family … Continue reading Taste of Home

12 Things to do in London over the Holidays

There are more than just twelve days of Christmas. In fact, the city of London has been celebrating the holiday season since early November, with the annual Santa Claus parade and Christmas train having already stopped through town. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to continue celebrating the holidays in London. In Canada, … Continue reading 12 Things to do in London over the Holidays