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Eshana, Blog Assistant Editor 2017-2018

I am Eshana Ghuman, a 4th year undergraduate student in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences. Some of my favourite things are long nature walks, camping, "Stranger Things", butter chicken and more butter chicken. I believe I am quite pleasant to be around if you're... Continue Reading →


Building Rapport with Professors

University can be quite daunting for any newcomer in a number of ways. There are tons of people to meet, places to visit and things to do. Balancing all of that with academics can seem challenging. Learning to talk and... Continue Reading →

Lilian, Blog Assistant Editor 2017-2018

Lilian Esene is a 2nd year medical sciences student, and the Assistant Blog Editor for the 2017-2018 academic year. She enjoys all things that have to do with “the office”, building Lego, and chicken wings. When she is not actively... Continue Reading →

Awesome Things to Do in London

It can be tempting to want to spend all your days on campus during your time here at Western. The Western community does hold a lot of cool events on campus throughout the year, however, the city of London itself... Continue Reading →

Tips for Making Friends at Uni

Making friends at university can be intimidating. Here are a few tips on how to meet people during your time here at Western: Find your cultural mirror We tend to be the most comfortable with those who are just like... Continue Reading →

International Friendships at Western 2017

Aya and Linden "I met Linden on the first day of school. Coming all the way from Jordan, I was not sure how I would get along with people at Western. From the first day, I shared plenty of laughs... Continue Reading →

Book Recommendations

For this post, we asked students to share their favorite books on our social media, all of which are listed below. Check out the compilation below and add a few books to your reading lists. If there are other books... Continue Reading →

Hidden Gems on Campus

Your Guide to Reading Week

Reading Week is the perfect time to relax and gear up for the rest of the semester. If you're staying in London for reading week, there are plenty of things you can try out. If you want to enjoy the... Continue Reading →

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