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Québec: A Short History Lesson

Sharing its borders with the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland, Québec is the largest province of Canada; one that is known for its French-speaking population, beautiful landscapes, fine dining and architecture reminiscent of Europe. In addition to be... Continue Reading →


The VIP Experience

Being a VIP (Volunteers In Progress) Program volunteer is a one of a kind experience. It provides a unique opportunity for students to get involved with the international community at Western and witness the diversity that the university prides itself... Continue Reading →

February is Canadian Black History Month

February is Canadian Black History Month. Although Black History Month has been around in Canada since about 1976, it was not officially recognized by the Federal government until 1995. Black history month is a big deal. Why? It is a... Continue Reading →

Study Tips for Surviving Exam Season

Yet another semester has begun and we’re already on the cusp of being swept away in a whirlwind of midterms and assignments. Things will take on full speed after Reading Week and before we all know it; final exams will... Continue Reading →

Indigenous Awareness Week @ Western

This upcoming week (November 20-26) is Indigenous Awareness Week. This week is brought to us by Western’s Indigenous Services, and is created to increase awareness about Indigenous people in Canada. The city of London is home to many Indigenous peoples,... Continue Reading →

International Week at Western 2017

International Week at Western kicks off today and it brings many opportunities for everyone to experience events exploring various cultures and celebrating the diversity on campus and the city of London. The week-long affair will run from November 13-17th, with... Continue Reading →

Taste of Home

Places to eat in London that’ll make you feel like you’re back home While Western offers a diverse selection of on-campus eateries, it can be nice to try something that reminds you of a little bit of home, or something... Continue Reading →

Landmarks to Visit in the City of London

It can be quite easy to forget that sometimes students tend to live in a bubble inside university and do not attempt to explore the city, except maybe hitting up some restaurants or bars on Richmond Row. The city of... Continue Reading →

Festivals and Holidays in Canada

We live in a country filled with diverse and resplendent cultures, all of whom have unique holidays and festivals that are celebrated with fervour all over the world. There are some festivals and national holidays that we all celebrate or... Continue Reading →

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