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Indigenous Awareness Week @ Western

This upcoming week (November 20-26) is Indigenous Awareness Week. This week is brought to us by Western’s Indigenous Services, and is created to increase awareness about Indigenous people in Canada. The city of London is home to many Indigenous peoples,... Continue Reading →


International Week at Western 2017

International Week at Western kicks off today and it brings many opportunities for everyone to experience events exploring various cultures and celebrating the diversity on campus and the city of London. The week-long affair will run from November 13-17th, with... Continue Reading →

Taste of Home

Places to eat in London that’ll make you feel like you’re back home While Western offers a diverse selection of on-campus eateries, it can be nice to try something that reminds you of a little bit of home, or something... Continue Reading →

Landmarks to Visit in the City of London

It can be quite easy to forget that sometimes students tend to live in a bubble inside university and do not attempt to explore the city, except maybe hitting up some restaurants or bars on Richmond Row. The city of... Continue Reading →

Festivals and Holidays in Canada

We live in a country filled with diverse and resplendent cultures, all of whom have unique holidays and festivals that are celebrated with fervour all over the world. There are some festivals and national holidays that we all celebrate or... Continue Reading →

Eshana, Blog Assistant Editor 2017-2018

I am Eshana Ghuman, a 4th year undergraduate student in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences. Some of my favourite things are long nature walks, camping, "Stranger Things", butter chicken and more butter chicken. I believe I am quite pleasant to be around if you're... Continue Reading →

Building Rapport with Professors

University can be quite daunting for any newcomer in a number of ways. There are tons of people to meet, places to visit and things to do. Balancing all of that with academics can seem challenging. Learning to talk and... Continue Reading →

Lilian, Blog Assistant Editor 2017-2018

Lilian Esene is a 2nd year medical sciences student, and the Assistant Blog Editor for the 2017-2018 academic year. She enjoys all things that have to do with “the office”, building Lego, and chicken wings. When she is not actively... Continue Reading →

Awesome Things to Do in London

It can be tempting to want to spend all your days on campus during your time here at Western. The Western community does hold a lot of cool events on campus throughout the year, however, the city of London itself... Continue Reading →

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